How do we say “Thank You” to our service members?

Have you ever wanted a simple way to say “Thank You” to a Veteran, Service Member or perhaps a Policeman or Firefighter?

Well, I have.

And what I realized is a few things…

I’m not the type to walk up and say “Thank You” to a service member out of nowhere.

I certainly did not want to walk up and act like I’m going to shake their hand (nothing like looking as if you were drawing a gun on someone)…

There is no universal symbol for saying “Thank You.”

Personally, I did not want to waive.
Waiving could have been a signal for help. I thought saluting was inappropriate.
Indeed, there was no easy way.
Why is this important?
Well, I had something happen to me on two different occasions while in New York City.
The combination of both these incidents caused me to want to do something…